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How Homeschooling Helped Propel Simone Biles to the Olympic Gold

The future Olympian adopted an intensive training and competition schedule, which made it impossible to follow the traditional high school track. "If I had a competition, I had to leave [school] for like a month; I would take my schoolwork with me," she told Jarvey. "I didn't get the high school opportunity, but it always worked out."

Biles originally planned to pursue a traditional college experience, but decided instead to go pro, signing up with the sports agency Octagon, the same company which represents the Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps.

Homeschooling has become more popular in recent decades for many reasons. Some parents hesitate to entrust their children's education to public schools, fearing an overly secular education, or perhaps just a mediocre one. Homeschooling provides yet another option for parents to choose, and Biles' story goes to show the huge opportunity it can afford.

Biles is also a Christian who attends church regularly. Shortly after her birth, the future Olympian was actually put into foster care because her mother struggled with drug addiction. Her grandfather and his wife adopted her and her sister when they were young, and raised them in a Christian homeschooling atmosphere in Spring, a suburb of Houston, Texas.

Never let anyone tell you Christian homeschoolers can't win Olympic gold medals. Simone Biles is not only proof that they can, but that the flexibility of homeschooling can propel you to world championships.