Dem. LA Governor Dashes Kids' Dreams of School Choice

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. Image via Twitter. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. Image via Twitter.

When this union stooge announced his run for governor, even out-of-state unions poured money into his campaign. Political commentator Jeremy Alford declared that union spending "could potentially become a second source of organization and money outside the Democratic Party for Edwards."

Ten of the 27 bills in Edward's first gubernatorial legislative package were related to K-12 education and towed the union line. "No other public policy area — including health care and criminal justice — got that many bills backed by the governor," the Times-Picayune reported.

The conservative legislature blocked Edwards' bills, but Louisiana's governor is one of the most powerful in any state. The governor could still use the budget to defund school choice, and has done so.

Ironically, as National Review's Ellen Carmichael argued, the state actually saves money through the Louisiana Scholarship Program. Governor Edwards' team removed the $4,800 scholarship from 17 families who wanted to give their kids a better life. Louisiana spends $10,490 for each pupil enrolled in the public school system.

"If Nicole Jack cannot escape the school's waitlist in time, her education will cost the state more than double what they insist they're trying to save, proving yet again that it's not about dollars and cents," Carmichael explained.

Edwards isn't actually saving money, but he is supporting his political allies, and mothers like Nikesha Hudson have to pay the price for his duplicity.