Widespread Mental Illness Taking Over America, One Bathroom at a Time

The most disturbing thing about all of this is the push on social media (by people I actually know) to try to publicly shame and ridicule anyone who isn't signing onto the latest stupid idea-of-the-month and giving their consent to be violated in traditionally safe spaces for women. (Not to be confused with the collegiate "safe spaces" where grown humans go to cry and blubber over "offensive" Halloween costumes.) Just yesterday a woman berated my mother on Facebook for daring to suggest she would not shop at Target anymore because of their latest PR disaster of a bathroom/dressing room policy that endangers women and children while seeking to gratify .01% (or less) of the population. To quote, she said, "Your backwards opinions on this issue are no longer tolerated in the public square and you should not be surprised when you face retaliation for your hatred and bigotry."

This was said to a 70-year-old woman who no longer feels safe going to a place where the management has told her they won't keep men out of women's changing rooms or bathrooms. Are you kidding me? Let's forget for a moment that this unstable Facebook poster is actually related to us by marriage, but she is also empowered enough to say such vile things to a woman who has never hated anyone in her life. I'm at the end of my rope with this. I've had it. This is America? (Also, hilariously, after insulting and berating my mother in no fewer than ten posts she signed off with #stopthehate. Seriously.)

Our education system has failed us if people can make it through high school and still not understand what the First Amendment is or why it's important or that a guy with a penis really shouldn't be in the ladies' room! Further, when college students think it's okay for a short white guy to claim he's a 6' tall Asian, we are clearly all doomed to live in an asylum run by the inmates.