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The 'Stunt Your Growth' Myth: Why Your Kids SHOULD Be Lifting Weights


Every farm kid who grows up hauling hay has grown up lifting weights. Millions of kids have grown up even in this very decade of the 21st century lifting heavy loads every day as a part of making a contribution to the family business. And for about 50 years, the University of Nebraska football program has taken advantage of the results.

Until the government sits us all down in our chairs, farm kids will continue to work hard with their bodies, without the need for pediatric medical intervention, and without “growth stunting.”

In lieu of hauling hay, which not everybody has access to, teenage humans should lift weights. It's safe, it's infinitely adjustable to the individual's strength level, and the loads can be incrementally increased so that it’s always programmed to produce improvement in strength, power, and bone density. The same thing applies to adults and strength training, but the effects of starting out young are beneficial for the rest of your life.

If your kid wants to spend all weekend on the computer, 45 minutes under the bar goes a long way toward undoing the damage.

Photo via AP Images