13 Instagrammable Pumpkin Carving Ideas That Even You Can Do


You know the drill:

  • You look for the little pumpkin carving kit that you bought last year, but can't for the life of you remember where you put it.
  • You run out to the store to buy another one and vow to put it in a "safe" place where you know you'll be able to find it next Halloween.
  • You grab a marker and haphazardly draw some triangle-shaped eyes, a nose and a toothy open mouth on your biggest pumpkin.
  • You recruit the kids' help to scoop out the seeds and gunk from the inside, remembering too late to cover the table and floor with newspaper.
  • The kids find something better to do as you clumsily cut the design with the skimpy serrated knife.
  • Insert lit candle, place pumpkin on porch.
  • Repeat next year.

While that's all fine and certainly festive once the pumpkin is done, this might be the year to take your pumpkin up a notch. In an age where social media pictures rule, you can have the most Instagrammable pumpkin among all your friends. And why not? The ideas below actually won't take much time, and all are completely picture-worthy. So have a little fun โ€” your kids might even hang out for the entire time.

Turn It into Fruit!

A pineapple is probably the most recognizable fruit to cut into a pumpkin, so it might be your best bet. (An apple or orange might just look like a circle, and a banana presents an entirely different issue.)

Use a Drill

If you absolutely hate the idea of manually carving a pumpkin, this is an easy way out (and it looks really cool). One fun idea is to just cover the entire pumpkin in different size holes. When you put the candle inside you'll have a beautiful end result.