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10 of the Easiest and Spookiest Treats You Can Make for a Halloween Party

Having some kids over for a Halloween party this year? (Or having a very fun group of adults over instead?) If so, you'd better be ready with snacks! There are very few things anyone needs to make a party a success, and good food is one of them. Since Halloween is such a spooktacular holiday, you can get away with some very simple approaches to treats for your guests. As long as you (and your food) are in the spirit of the holiday, it doesn't matter if you only spend $10 and 10 minutes preparing.

We have rounded up some very fun, and very easy, ideas for your Halloween gathering. If you just add one or two to the mix, there is no doubt that your guests will be thrilled, and that they'll be talking about your shindig until next year.

Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups

You can literally offer your guests dirt, and they will love it. This dessert is so easy — it is nothing more than some chocolate pudding, topped with cookie crumbs, and then those candy pumpkins that you can buy at almost any pharmacy or grocery store. The best part is that they're self-contained, so cleanup will be very simple - especially if you're serving them to a bunch of kids. Dirt never tasted so good!

Ghostly Brownies

If you can make brownies from a box of mix, you can make these. The big marshmallows are covered in vanilla frosting to make the ghosts, and finishing touches are added with a little decorating gel. The ghosts on top are just so cute that you might not want to eat them though!

Witches Hats

With nothing more than Hershey's Kisses, some chocolate cookies, and some icing, you can have a delightfully fun treat for your guests. The cookies in this particular picture are fudge-striped cookies turned over, but you can also do them with Oreos. How cute would a full platter of these look next to a big bowl of punch?