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Kasich Ten Times More Likely Than Rubio to Win Nomination, According to Prediction Market

(AP Photo/Jim Cole)

After Tuesday’s presidential primary results, Marco Rubio has virtually no chance of securing the Republican nomination. In fact, Ohio Governor John Kasich is ten times more likely to prevail than the Florida senator. That’s the read from CNN:

Marco Rubio is now down to a one-in-a-hundred shot to win the Republican nomination, according to CNN’s Political Prediction Market.

Informed by a combination of polling and forecasts from more than 100,000 users, the live probabilities generated by Pivit have the Florida senator’s odds of prevailing in the GOP race at 1% — down from a high point of 56% on February 5. Rubio is at 11% to win his home state, which votes on March 15.

Winning Florida has increasingly become Rubio’s last hope of remaining relevant in the race. But it’s looking like he won’t be able to do that.

Governor Kasich has only a 10% chance of securing the nomination according to the Prediction Market, which is nonetheless far superior to Rubio’s 1%. Donald Trump, meanwhile, continues to solidify his status, moving from a 64% chance to 70% after Tuesday.