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The 20 Most Patriotic and Snarky Tweets From #AmericaIn4Words

The late-night show “Midnight” started a trend on Thursday night. The show asked its contestants to name “America in four words,” and it spread to Twitter like wildfire. #AmericaIn4Words sent patriotic, snarky, and downright insulting tweets soaring through the Internet, and PJ Media has the best for you, right here, right now.


1. A Classic.

2. There’s patriotism!


3. Built by the Greatest Generation.

4. Snarky patriotism.


Next Page: Some… constructive criticism.

5. Funny AND accurate.

6. That hits me… right in the gut.


7. Very apt.

8. Who’s laughing now? Oh right, it’s offensive to laugh.


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9. People are really happy with their choices this November…

10. Like, so happy!


11. Ecstatic, really.

12. Truer words have never been spoken.


Next Page: Get your snark on.

13. No tolerating Republicans.

14. America excludes 70 percent of the population somehow…


15. Gotta love this map.

16. One last hit at our presidential candidates.


Next Page: Land of the free, home of the brave.

17. America — winning the lottery.


18. Don’t Tread On … my grass!

19. True Christian patriotism: loving America while acknowledging her faults.


20. Greatest. Nation. On. Earth.