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Trump Impeachment Protester: Growing Economy is ‘Obama's Doing’

WASHINGTON – Protesters at the recent People’s March on Washington against President Trump explained why they want to see the president removed from office.

The official website for the protest stated, “We will take to the streets to demand the impeachment and removal of Donald Trump and to fight to protect the rights of all marginalized people, equal rights, social justice, our safety as citizens, and our democratic process.”

Bethany from New York said Trump’s handling of climate change influenced her to attend the march and call for Trump’s impeachment.

“I came because one of my biggest things is the climate change issues that haven’t been addressed properly. There's a lot going on that hasn’t been talked about and it's important to future generations. It's our home and it needs to be protected,” she said during the January protest.

“He [Trump] doesn't respect human rights and if you can't do that, I don't trust you to do anything else. Bottom line,” she added.

Holding an “impeach the leech” sign, Joann from Michigan said impeaching Trump would protect democracy.

“The main reason is I truly believe the balance of powers in the democracy are being eroded and I foresee that if that continues we’ll basically no longer be a democracy. And since I have children, six of them, and seven grandchildren, it seems really important to be here in order to ensure democracy is there for them,” she said. “I’m hoping he doesn’t get re-elected. I would prefer him to be impeached. I just see things as falling apart.”

Laura from Michigan cited the Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals program as the reason she joined the impeachment march.

“My big issue right now is the DREAMers, people who have lived here for so many years and are contributing to our society and our friends and neighbors, and I just felt like today I had to march on behalf of them,” she said.

Laura’s husband said he attended the impeachment protest because Trump only cares about the rich.

“What brought me down here was really the lack of integrity and honesty in the White House and the fact that President Trump does not care about anybody but rich people and himself. It’s pretty clear in the way he acts. More recently it's been a total disassembly and attack on environment regulations, and the whole environmental resource issue has really become a major concern of mine,” he said.

While holding a “Dispose the POTUS” sign, Sandy from Pennsylvania told PJM she opposes Trump but does not want Vice President Mike Pence to become president.

“Actually, I’m not so much for impeachment because I don’t want the vice president to come in, but I’d like them all to go,” she said. “I could not give you a single issue that really bothers me because like a lot of Americans there’s hardly anything I like about him.”