The Kruiser Kabana Episode 85: Kurt Schlichter on Wine, New Media, and the Insanity of Republicans Boycotting the Georgia Runoff Elections

This Should Be a Television Show

My good friend and Townhall Media colleague Kurt Schlichter drops by the Kabana once again for a refreshing conversation about navigating the post-election 2020 American political landscape.


It has been a while since I’ve gotten back to Los Angeles to enjoy Schlichter’s wine collection and just talking to him makes me thirsty for it. Conservatives always roll with the good booze. #Resist is going to be fun.

This is a long conversation and we cover a few things, including the rise of new media and the slow death of dinosaur media. The focal point is Georgia and the Senate runoff elections there, however. We have seen and heard some stories about disgruntled Republicans boycotting the runoffs, which would then hand Senate control to the lunatic Democrats. I went off on that nonsense in my Morning Briefing last week. Neither of us is a fan of the idea, obviously, and we are none too delicate in conveying that in this episode.

As is always the case when the two of us get together, a huge LANGUAGE WARNING is in order. Neither one of us possesses much of a filter when recording our podcasts.

Kurt has a new book — Crisis — out now and you can get that here. This is the fifth in a series that is disturbingly prescient about what we are facing in America today and where we are headed. Read all of them. Trust me.

Keep up with Schlichter over on our sister site Townhall. He does two columns a week there in addition to a VIP column and his “Unredacted” podcast.

You’re going to have fun with this one. I promise.



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