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British Beef Up Security Around Royal Family After Parliament Votes to Bomb Syria

Via The Telegraph:

The Queen and other members of the Royal family have had their security stepped up because police believe British air strikes on Syria have increased the risk of a terrorist attempt on their lives.

Royal sources said the security measures were enhanced from the moment Parliament voted in favour of bombing Syria on Wednesday.

All senior members of the Royal family are affected, though Prince Harry is seen as particularly vulnerable because of his active military service in Afghanistan.

A police source said: “Now they’ve had the Syria vote we’ll have to review his security as everyone becomes more of a target.”

According to reports in the US, European intelligence agencies have specific information that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) has decided that Britain will be the next target of an attack.

It is some small relief that, despite all the climate conference ridiculousness, there are still some adults in charge somewhere who realize where and what the actual threats are. This is also a sobering admission that the serious people know that ISIS is ready to roll globally whenever it wants to now.

On this side of the Atlantic we are dealing with a body count that resulted from our joke open-borders “security” and a chief law enforcement officer who wants to criminalize offending terrorists.

As with all things Obama, it’s just going to get a lot worse before it can get better. If Hillary Clinton succeeds him, expect ISIS to be set up here permanently before her inauguration.