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Joe Biden Has a Basket of Deplorables Moment

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Poor Joe Biden. It must be awful to think 10-15% of your fellow citizens are not very good people. In his estimation there are 34 to 51 million bad people in the country. The latter is of course about 10 million shy of the number of Americans who voted for Donald Trump. Doubtful that Joe Biden made that calculation in his head. But his point is pretty clear.

Biden: There are probably anywhere from 10 to 15% of the people out there that are just not very good people.

These comments were made during an online town hall hosted by actor Don Cheadle. It was aimed at black voters. It is full of data free, emotive language that just boggles the mind. In the opening Joe Biden set the tone:

Well ya know, George Floyd’s last words spoke to a nation where the color of your skin dictates the safety of your future. And it’s long past time that these words have to be acted on.

Okay Joe. First, that was some word salad. However, you were the vice president for eight years under the country’s first black president. What did your administration do except fan the flames of racial division? What did Eric Holder, the black attorney general, do to calm tensions in the Treyvon Martin case, the Freddie Grey case, Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore?

If I recall, absolutely nothing other than vilify law enforcement as a whole. This resulted in several years of unusually high murders and ambushes of police officers. One of the most horrific was in Mayor de Blasio’s New York. Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were assassinated while sitting in their patrol car, sending shockwaves through the law enforcement community. 

Contrast that with the immediate condemnation of the officer’s behavior in Minneapolis by President Trump. Within two days Attorney General William Barr had ordered his U.S. attorney to investigate the death for civil rights violations. It is also evident there was universal agreement across the nation that what we saw on that video was wrong. It was broadly condemned by commentators across the spectrum.

Officer Chauvin had 18 prior complaints for excessive force against him. In a city run by democrats for decades. In fact, vice president hopeful Amy Klobuchar declined to prosecute him under her watch as District Attorney for Minneapolis. It’s like a pattern. Every high-profile police shooting during the Obama administration was in Democrat-run jurisdictions with strong police unions that can protect bad actors. Public unions which almost universally donate to Democrats.

There is not universal agreement, nor is there any evidence, that a majority of officers behave this way. If anything, there is evidence to the contrary. Police shootings are on the decline as departments look to improve their methods. In fact, the number of unarmed black men shot by police in 2018 and 2019 was under 10. That is roughly a quarter of the number in the last year of the Obama administration.

To keep the nation from realizing this, it is essential that Democrats and their media activists spin another narrative. They need you to believe the death of George Floyd could only have occurred in Trump’s America. And Trump is only president because about 10-15% of the country are vile racists.

The easily demonstrable reality is that similar deaths occurred throughout the Obama administration. In cities run by Democrats. This has nothing to do with President Trump. Even CNN’s Van Jones has said Trump’s record of policy achievements for the black community was impressive and Democrats should beware following the State of the Union speech. They took note and using dishonest and divisive talking points to ratchet up the unrest.

President Trump has done more to draw in the black and minority communities than any Republican in my lifetime. With policies and programs specifically supported by the black community such as criminal justice reform, school choice and Opportunity Zones. Historically low unemployment benefitted everyone.

Not a single one of these polices cost the president to lose his core supporters. They are very bad at being racist, I guess. Or they never were. And the president is very bad at being divisive. Or he really isn’t. But the Democrats and the activist corporate media can’t admit that. The intersectional cards are the only ones they have to play. They have lost the ability to debate ideas and don’t really have any. Defunding police departments, while a nod to the far left, is not supported by any meaningful number of Americans.

In reality, it is the Democrats who have systematically undone all of that progress. With crippling and lengthy shutdowns, not supported by science or data, unemployment skyrocketed in deep blue states and cities. Even the good jobs news today did not benefit the black community. Prolonged shutdowns in major Democrat-run urban areas is at least part of the reason.

Many of the Opportunity Zones, designated in economically depressed urban and rural areas, were looted and burned. Just today it was reported that Walmart may not reopen all locations in Chicago. They are assessing damage and losses. Other businesses will likely close locations if the history of previous riots, like the one following the Rodney King verdict or Baltimore, are predictive.

In reality, it is President Trump that is motivated to rebuild the economy for all Americans on the underlying fundamentals his administration has laid in the last three years. It is his Secretary of Education that wants to provide educational opportunities not tied to a child’s zip code. And it is his Attorney General that is talking about meaningful law enforcement reform that keeps communities safe with a healthy respect for civil rights.

What is Uncle Joe really offering? A narrative that doesn’t hold up to any amount of scrutiny and platitudes that his record in Congress and as vice president don’t bear out.

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