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Sheriffs Call on Congress to Fund Border Wall System

Migrants, left, surrender to the U.S. Border Patrol

WASHINGTON – A group of sheriffs from around the country recently called on Congress to pass at least $5 billion toward building a wall along the 2,000-mile southwest border.

“The No. 1 issue facing all Americans, I don’t care who you ask, is the heroin epidemic that affects us all. And the Mexican drug-trafficking cartels dominate that industry and they’re controlling it coming into and throughout the United States. To every city, every urban area, every rural area in our country, the Mexican drug trafficking controls are seemingly doing it undetected, unmolested and unabated, and it’s time that we step up to the plate,” said Wicomico County Sheriff Michael Lewis during an interview after a recent Capitol Hill press conference about immigration law enforcement with sheriffs from counties across the country.

“It would make my job a lot of easier. I’m tired of dealing with overdoses. I’m tired of dealing with violent crime. I’m tired of dealing with human trafficking in our hotels all up and down U.S. Route 13 in Wicomico County, Md.,” he added. “And they’re there all the time and we’re making arrests all the time, but they keep coming and they keep coming because our borders are wide open.”

Lewis told PJM that any additional funds to expand barriers along the southwest border would help improve security.

“Any implementation of greater security along our border will present challenges to the cartels. Will those challenges include tunneling beneath that wall? Absolutely, that’s what we deal with. But, trust me, we know how we’re going to build that wall. We know what it takes to build that wall,” he said.

“We are going to build a wall. When this happens, it’s anyone’s guess at this point in time. But we need to hold our congressmen and their feet to the fire to help our president get his budget passed – $5 billion is what we are looking for …to get this wall started – that’s only a portion of what it’s going to cost to build this wall. Is it going to stop the flow of illegal immigration? Absolutely not, but it’s going to stop the flood that we currently have coming across our southwest border,” he added.

His message for lawmakers in the House and Senate is “do what you were elected to do” and support more border security measures.

“We will never have homeland security until we have border security, never,” Lewis said. “If you are unwilling to pass legislation, you’re willing to accept that there will be many more Americans lost, thousands more American lives lost – not just to murders, not just to rapists, not just to homicides but to drug trafficking.”

Frederick County (Md.) Sheriff Chuck Jenkins agreed with Lewis on the reasons for building a border wall.