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Ocasio-Cortez Learns the Agony of Victory as Lieberman Tells N.Y. Dems to Vote Crowley

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Twitter complaints didn’t do any good. Even though she scored an upset victory over Rep. Joe Crowley in the New York Democratic Party’s June primary, his name is still going to be on the 14th Congressional District’s November ballot.

Ocasio-Cortez demanded Crowley answer her phone calls so she could hear his congratulations and concession, and move on to win the November general election in NY-14. But she won the primary, right? Maybe she’s just being paranoid?

Maybe not.

Joe Lieberman wants NY-14 Democrats to “Vote Joe Crowley, for Working Families.”

In a scathing op-ed published by the Wall Street Journal, the former Democratic senator who turned independent wrote that putting Ocasio-Cortez in Congress would only “make it harder for Congress to stop fighting and start fixing problems.”

“Thanks to a small percentage of primary voters, all of the people of New York’s 14th Congressional District stand to lose a very effective representative in Washington,” Lieberman also wrote.

Lieberman opined that Ocasio-Cortez’s adoption of the Democratic Socialists of America platform is wrong for America.

“Her dreams of new federal spending would bankrupt the country or require very large tax increases, including on the working class,” Lieberman added. “Her approach foresees government ownership of many private companies, which would decimate the economy and put millions out of work.”

The Working Families Party endorsed Crowley before anyone outside the district heard of Ocasio-Cortez. Under New York election law, the Democrat’s name may not be on his party’s general election ballot, but it will be on the WFP ballot. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it, sans Crowley’s approval.

There was no immediate comment on the Lieberman op-ed from the Ocasio-Cortez camp. But isn’t this just what her supporters and the Working Families Party were afraid would happen?

Bill Lipton, state director of the Working Families Party, told the New York Times he asked the Crowley campaign to vacate their candidate’s place on the WFP ballot immediately after Ocasio-Cortez declared victory. Crowley’s people rejected the idea.

And then there’s this: Ocasio-Cortez said her people have tried three different times to call Crowley so he could formally concede to the socialist Democrat over the phone. All three times he was, shall we say, indisposed?

Ocasio-Cortez blew her social media stack. She accused Crowley of engineering a third-party challenge against her, the Democratic Party, and “against the will” of the New York Working Families Party.

Since she chose Twitter as her battlefield of choice, Crowley answered back with a tweet.

“Alexandria, the race is over and Democrats need to come together,” Crowley tweeted. “I’ve made my support for you clear and the fact that I’m not running. We’ve scheduled phone calls and your team has not followed through. I’d like to connect but I’m not willing to air grievances on Twitter.”