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Exit Polls Today: Republican Voters Feel 'Betrayed' by GOP

Least surprising news story of the year:

Voters in Tuesday’s contests expressed worries about the economy and a broad sense among Republicans that their party has betrayed them, according to early exit poll results.

As voters continued heading to the polls in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio, early polling showed bipartisan concern about both the economy and access to jobs. Republicans continued the trend of saying they felt betrayed by their party, but only about a third or more Republican voters in the five states said they were angry with the federal government.

The early exit polls represent initial surveys of voters as they left polling sites and reflect broad trends, but numbers are subject to some variation over the night as more voters are surveyed.

Whatever the outcome of the Trump insurgency this year, it has thrown a mighty scare into the cozy, “this is my conservative movement” crowd, who resent the often-boorish businessman’s effrontery in upsetting their applecart. And what right-thinking man or woman could possibly be against that? They’ve treated conservative voters with contempt long enough.