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Trump on FIRE at Black Economic Empowerment Event in Atlanta

AP Photo/John Bazemore

Has there ever been a more charismatic president of the United States than Donald J. Trump? If your answer is yes then please leave now. You are not my audience. I’ve seen a lot of presidents in my lifetime and going into their second term, every president has looked like a haggard mess until Donald Trump. I think he’s getting younger! His face appears to be getting smoother and his hair is blonder. Is he getting taller? He’s glowing, and it could be the bronzer, I don’t know, but he’s radiating something. I think elections give him energy like the sun gives Superman power. Even detractors have to admit that his stamina and energy are more like that of a 44-year-old and not a 74-year-old. He’s doing three and four events a day while Sleepy Joe calls a lid on his day at 8 a.m.

Trump’s speech in Atlanta is one of the greatest of the campaign trail yet. He spoke at an event for “Black Economic Empowerment” held by Black Voices For Trump where he introduced the “Platinum Plan,” a 500-billion-dollar investment into black communities. Preceding the president were speakers like Dr. Ben Carson, Bishop Wellington Boone, Herschel Walker, Kimberly Klacik, and more.

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The almost all-black crowd loved him.


Every one of the speeches before Trump is worth listening to and I encourage you to do that. (In the full YouTube video below the speeches begin at the 1:53:20 mark.) Many spoke about school choice, about the failure of Democrats to bring any change to black communities, and about the hope that Donald Trump has brought to black people through criminal justice reform and economic investments in inner cities.

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But no one was more dynamic than the man himself. (Trump begins to speak in the full YouTube video at 3:22:58.) He spent a lot of time off-prompter bantering with the crowd and special guests. He appeared to have a lot of friends in the crowd. Everyone loved it.

“Joe Biden should not be asking for your support: he should be begging for your forgiveness,” he said, going after Biden for his role in the 1994 crime bill that led to the mass incarceration of young black men for petty offenses. “I rolled back the unfair provisions of the 1994 Biden crime bill,” he said. President Trump also excoriated Biden for the loss of jobs in America due to NAFTA.

On COVID-19 the president said, “We will crush the virus and our opponents will crush the black middle class.” Trump also warned that if elected, Biden would implement policies that would bring about an economic crash, resulting in a financial depression.

“Republicans believe that school choice is the civil rights issue of our time,” said the president, highlighting Biden’s opposition to school choice. Trump poked fun of the media hysteria over the possibility of him not conceding the election, saying they never get the joke. The crowd then broke into chants of “12 MORE YEARS” eliciting a hearty laugh from Trump.

“Racial justice begins with Joe Biden’s retirement from public life,” said the president to a cheering room. “People are dying by the thousands in black-on-black crime and I want it to stop and no one is talking about it,” he said to more cheers of affirmation. “We go to war zones and we don’t lose this many people,” he said.

Trump called antifa “a bunch of young anarchists who live with their parents,” to riotous laughter from the crowd that cheered for law and order. “We can never allow mob rule,” he said to applause. When the president brought up Black Lives Matter the crowd booed loudly. “We have corporations donating hundreds of millions of dollars to them. These are fools,” he said. “They should be donating that money to black families,” he said calling them “liberal hypocrites.”

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I really started laughing when he went after Beto O’Rourke and his “Spanish name.” He’s so funny. “He was ‘born to run for president’ he said. Anyone who says that is a born loser.” LOL

But the president really lit into Democrats over the recently released FBI documents that showed evidence of a coup attempt against him. “Did you see the text messages? Oh, it’s brutal! One of the guys said ‘This is really illegal, I want insurance!'” he quipped.

“You see Biden’s son?… Hunter got a check from the wife of the mayor of Moscow for three and a half million. Would anybody accept whatever he was supposed to do for three and a half million?” he said. “Before Biden became vice president he had nothing, he got thrown out of the military, he had no job, and now he’s getting checks for three and a half million from the mayor of Moscow… Let’s call Bob Mueller and put him on the case!” (The crowd roared with laughter.)

“They were the ones who were dealing with Russia! It was a disinformation campaign,” said President Trump about the Democrats and their dirty deals overseas. You have to watch this. It’s a lot of fun. Enjoy!

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