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‘Many’ of Amazon's Green Initiatives Will Fail, Company Executive Says

Apple's new MacBook Air computers on display new york

WASHINGTON – Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives, said Apple believes it can achieve the “ambitious goal” to one day make all of its products “using only recycled materials and renewable resources, reducing the need to mine materials from the earth.”

When it comes to combating climate change, Jackson said there shouldn’t be any “conflict” between a “healthy planet and a healthy bottom line.”

“Now that’s an ambitious goal, one would say a moonshot goal, but it’s one that we believe we can reach because we’re going to use those bright minds in science,” Jackson said at the American Geological Union’s Fall Meeting on Monday.

She said Apple already has two “Daisy” robot lines that disassemble products for materials the company can reuse. Jackson explained that Apple’s latest iPhones, the XS and XR, contain logic boards made from reusable materials. The new Macbook Air is made from recycled aluminum, Jackson added.

“As vitally important as energy usage is, it’s not the only way we should look at our impact [on climate change] – equally important are the materials we use,” she said. “I’m here today to tell you unequivocally that there is no conflict between a healthy planet and a healthy bottom line. It’s a false choice and one we should all take part in rejecting.”

Jackson, former EPA administrator in the Obama administration, told the audience that she “saw and felt the truth of climate change” during Hurricane Katrina. She said that 2018 is on track to be the year with the highest level of greenhouse gases on record. Referring to the wildfires in California, Jackson said, “I can promise you I saw and felt the impact of climate change.”

“The truth is that climate change is here and it’s altering our planet right before our eyes. It is truth you can see and feel and that’s been the case for some time,” she said.

“We are living and feeling and breathing the impact of climate change every day.”

To combat climate change, Jackson explained that Apple has powered their data centers with 100 percent renewable energy. The company’s data centers house user information such as the files they store in iCloud.

“Data centers power billions of tasks that happen on your device, every photo, every FaceTime call, every iMessage, you get the picture,” she said.

Jackson said Apple has established a “green energy fund” to help its suppliers connect with “renewable energy sources” so they can make the move to 100 percent renewable energy.

Jackson told the audience she opposes the Trump administration’s rollback of regulations on coal-fired power plants. She said she decided to leave EPA so she could move from “crafting policy” to “crafting solutions.”