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The Morning Briefing: Gov't Still Shutdown, Tear Gas Deployed and Much, Much More

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Good Wednesday morning. Happy New Year!

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The WH is not sending out the president’s agenda while the government is shut down.

Government still shut down

The government is still “partially shut down” and President Trump has invited congressional leaders to the White House to get a briefing and try and make a deal. Over the holiday, Nancy Pelosi, presumed House speaker-to-be, took off for Hawaii while the president canceled his Mar-A-Lago trip and stayed here in D.C. I hope President Trump understands that the Democrats do not want to make any deals and will gladly slit their own wrists to bleed on their own rugs if it denies him a victory.

The list of invitees at today’s meeting includes: incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer as well as House GOP leaders Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise, Senate Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin, and Senate Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and John Thune.

Pelosi took a break from listening to Don Ho and eating poi to offer a spending plan to open the government that does not include border wall funding. The WH is not interested. Good.

It sure looks like only one side is interested in making a deal. I wonder if that will change after Pelosi is formally elected as speaker.


Media are really playing up the “tragedy” of a partial shutdown: Garbage, feces take toll on national parks amid shutdown

Migrants storm the border again

I cannot wait for these civilized folks to be my fellow citizens! U.S. authorities fired tear gas “to repel about 150 migrants who tried to breach the border fence in Tijuana.” The agents say they fired tear gas at migrants who were throwing rocks at them and AP reporters say they didn’t see anyone throwing rocks until after the tear gas was deployed. You decide who is more credible.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a statement later Tuesday that the gas was used to target rock throwers apart from the migrants who were trying to cross.

“No agents witnessed any of the migrants at the fence line, including children, experiencing effects of the chemical agents, which were targeted at the rock throwers further away,” the statement said.

An Associated Press photographer saw at least three volleys of gas launched onto the Mexican side of the border near Tijuana’s beach that affected the migrants, including women and children, as well as journalists. The AP saw rocks thrown only after U.S. agents fired the tear gas.

The Office of Professional Responsibility will review the incident.

The smooth transition from Jeff Flake to Mitt Romney

Yesterday, failed presidential candidate and soon-to-be-Senator Mitt Romney published a nasty, anti-Trump op-ed in the Washington Post. Now that Jeff Flake is out of office, political failure Romney has stepped up to be the class asshole. You all had one of these guys in your class in high school, so you get it.

I’m not going to quote the op-ed, you can read it here.

The elitist Romney is really in no position to judge Trump. As we all remember, Romney lost the election in 2012 even after Obama smashed the dreadful Obamacare down our throats and the GOP was fired up and angry. We had a candidate like Trump and have a president like Trump because we had milquetoast, weak candidates like Romney and McCain before him who did not listen to the voters but pushed the interests of big corporations and business.

For Conservative Inc. folks like Romney/McCain/Bush, character or pretend character is always more important than results for constituents and voters. You don’t hear Romney complaining about the Obama admin spying on the opposing party’s presidential candidate and then undermining the duly elected president, do you? No, because Obama is a “gentleman.” No harsh words for Brennan? Clapper? Comey, who intentionally leaked classified memos so that a special council would be appointed to investigate the Republican president? Where is Romney on that? What kind of character is that? Not bad enough to write an op-ed, I suppose.

Remember, when GOPers attack Trump, they really are attacking you, filthy casual. Learn to code.


Trump lashes out at retired general who called him immoral

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And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!