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Evander Holyfield on Black Lives Matter: ‘Every Life Matters,’ Labels Start ‘Problems’

WASHINGTON – Urging Americans to stop putting a “label” on other people because “that’s when the problems start,” boxing legend Evander Holyfield told PJM that America’s two-party political system was “set up to divide” the country.

Holyfield, who was in town for the National Prayer Breakfast closing dinner, also weighed in on the state of race relations in the nation, saying “every life matters” when asked about the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“When two people can forgive and come together and truly love each other, you know, to love someone, to know that you’re a human being, and it’s not for the color of your skin, it’s that you’re people. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” Holyfield told PJM after the dinner on Thursday evening, the same day as the National Prayer Breakfast with President Trump.

“Somehow I think it’s [the political system] already set up to divide when you have a Democrat and you’ve got a Republican. What about just people? If you wasn’t a Democrat and I wasn’t a Republican, we wouldn’t be going against each other. Let’s get the best people who can do the work,” he added.

Holyfield declined to comment on Trump’s job performance, stating that he does not like to judge anyone.

“Well, I try not to get into judging. I think when you judge, somebody is going to be happy and somebody is going to be sad, so I keep my comments to myself and just do what I know I’m supposed to,” he said.

The five-time heavyweight champion was asked if he thinks the country is more divided now than it was under previous presidents.

“I think there’s just more trouble, thinking about it, more so than putting the work in – you have to do the work, you just can’t talk about it, you know what am saying, because you are always going to have somebody feel this way and feel that way. The most important thing is love itself,” he replied.

He said judging people by their political party affiliation is “just like when you get into skin color.”

“You give a person a choice, you say, they think that way because they are light. They think this because they are dark, because they’re tall, they’re short, you know, when it comes to any given time when you label something then that’s when the problems start,” he said.

Holyfield said it’s hard for him to assess the state of race relations in the U.S. at this point in his life.

“It all depends on where you’re at. I’ve moved to a whole other level. Of course, I think it’s better – I’m talking about for me, because I know when you judge life you’re talking about what’s happened to you in your community,” he said. “So, I’ve moved up, so it’s hard for me to speak for everybody. I can speak for where I came from and what I’ve done and all that, but if a person has not yet done that then, of course, they see it a little different.”