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Haley Scolds UN on Anti-Semitism as Body Fails to Condemn Hamas Rocket Attacks

Palestinians protest the U.S.-drafted UN resolution condemning Hamas

The United Nations today voted down a United States resolution condemning Hamas terrorism, with states such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran banding together to claim that the resolution was faulty for not assessing blame to Israel.

The resolution condemned Hamas for “repeatedly firing rockets into Israel and for inciting violence, thereby putting civilians at risk" and for its military activities in Gaza including constructing tunnels "to infiltrate Israel and equipment to launch rockets into civilian areas." Less than a month ago, Hamas fired hundreds of rockets into southern Israel, striking a bus.

The General Assembly took a procedural vote before voting on the resolution, and decided that a two-thirds majority would be needed to pass it.

"The General Assembly has never said anything – not one thing – about Hamas, even when we all agree Hamas’ behavior undermines any prospects for peace. The General Assembly has never uttered the word in any resolution about Hamas," Ambassador Nikki Haley said. "Just last Friday there was no decision that resolutions under this same agenda item had to be adopted by a two-thirds vote. You didn’t do it then. Similarly, there should be no decision that a two-thirds majority applies now. There should be no double standards in this chamber."

"I want to be clear about the consequences of this procedural vote. This is a decision meant purely to disrupt the adoption of the resolution that the United States has put forward. Those putting forward this motion want our resolution to fail," she added. "My Kuwaiti brother knows that. The Arab group knows that. You should not let them."

The procedural vote requiring two-thirds adoption passed 75-72, with 26 nations abstaining.

Before the final vote, Haley reminded the chamber that last Friday the General Assembly voted six times in one day to condemn Israel. "The question before us now is whether the UN thinks terrorism is acceptable if, and only if, it is directed at Israel. That is something we should all think deeply about," she said, noting that the resolution was not a judgment one way or another on the peace process but "a foundational element of peace -- that foundation is the rejection of terrorism, because we all know there can be no peace without a mutual agreement that terrorism is unacceptable."

"Hamas tactics have changed again, as it has adopted still more methods of killing Israeli civilians and damaging Israeli civilian property. They have launched flaming kites and balloons by the thousands, often with Nazi symbols on them, into Israeli civilian areas. This is the classic case of terrorism," she said. "And yet, throughout all of this, the United Nations has never once passed a resolution condemning Hamas. Never. Over [500] resolutions condemning Israel and not one single resolution condemning Hamas. That, more than anything else, is a condemnation of the United Nations itself."