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'Deep State' Conspiracy Theorist Sentenced for Threatening to Kill CIA, State Dept. Employees

cia headquarters in mclean, virginia

WASHINGTON -- A Virginia man who wrote a 480-paragraph Pastebin treatise on "How the DeepState F*cked Me" was sentenced to 57 months in prison Friday for threatening on social media to kill CIA agents and State Department employees.

William Lewis Weaver, II, 36, posted multiple messages to Twitter and Pastebin in August and September 2017 regarding his intent to “shotgun” and bomb the CIA and the State Department.

He called CIA employees "vermin" and wrote, "Either I'm fleeing to Russia or, well, I suppose we'll see what surprises I've been cooking up for the rotten mother fuckers while the hate, the rage takes over and has slowly evolved me into whatever the fuck I am now."

Weaver posted another Pastebin document titled "CIA HQ Raid v1.2," in which he talked about security on the perimeter of the CIA compound in McLean, Va., and how one could "properly raid [the CIA] and execute them all." No employees should be spared, he argued, because they chose to work for an agency "that continues to destabilize the world and hurt both American Countrymen and innocents around the globe."

His tweets included a lament that he "cannot destroy them singlehandedly," as "the needed task is simply too large for me" and "everyone else is simply 2 cowardly/comfortable." He frequently used the hashtag #deepstate in his threats.

"Interesting watching the #cia employees lineup at the gate when attending [email protected] 9 am. How easily I could kill several of them with a shotgun," he tweeted at another point, further lamenting that "killing eight or so cia employees is a tiny drop in the #deepstate bucket, and we need near total destruction of their biological beings."

He clarified at one that his local police "are good men/women," and "my battle is w/ the #deepstate."

"It's kind of like I'm playing a game of chicken with #deepstate but I have a lot less to lose," Weaver tweeted. His anger at the State Department was apparently linked to not getting his passport.