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Project Veritas Journalist Terrorized by Left-Wing Operatives

During a Project Veritas sting that went awry, left-wing operatives Lauren Windsor and Ryan Clayton were caught on tape aggressively harassing a young female journalist. The incident happened while Project Veritas was conducting their investigations into the groups planning on disrupting the Trump inauguration. “Undercurrent,” the progressive group under investigation, got wise to the sting and turned on the Project Veritas journalist, effectively terrorizing the young woman.

Every undercover investigation can’t go off without a hitch and every once in a while, one of our hidden camera journalists has his or her cover blown.

However, the way this young female journalist was harassed and intimidated goes way over the top.

After following the young woman into a taxi and tormenting her with obscene taunts for what probably felt like an eternity, both Windsor and Clayton sent Project Veritas Bob Creamer’s regards. “You’ve been creamed!” they shrieked.

Robert Creamer is the longtime Alinskyite community organizer, convicted felon, and frequent Obama White House visitor, whose nefarious campaign schemes Project Veritas exposed before the 2016 election.

Clayton also recently disrupted James O’Keefe’s talk at a private event in New York City by screaming and making a commotion in front of the door of the venue. O’Keefe noted that it was an attempt to “bird-dog” him into reacting violently.

“Clayton was ejected from the restaurant, and the police were called,” O’Keefe said. “I confronted him outside as he was surrounded by NYPD about the ridiculous and libelous allegations,” he continued, referring to Clayton’s crazed taunts accusing him of being a molester.

“Violence, agitation, aggression — these people are unhinged and dangerous,” O’Keefe said.

The next day Clayton posted pictures online of himself in a neck brace — as if he had been assaulted by someone from Project Veritas.

O’Keefe explained what he thinks is going on.

“What you have is a group of people — Ryan Clayton, Lauren Windsor, and others — who are trying to disrupt us. They are trying to wreak havoc on Project Veritas, intimidate us, frighten these people at this private event,” O’Keefe said. “Veritas embeds people,” he continued. “We don’t disrupt people. We don’t create violent situations, we don’t physically get into people’s faces and grab microphones away from people in an aggressive way. You have here an attempt to brand us and create a false media narrative in order to stop us.”

Rather than trying to stop people, he added, “We want to show people for what they are. We want everyone to see what’s going on.”

O’Keefe concluded with a message for Ryan Clayton: “These attempts to stop us are not going to work because we have video — and we have more video. So Ryan Clayton — give it your best shot, buddy.”

WARNING: Explicit language on the part of the harassing protesters:

Clayton also aggressively harassed the late, great Andrew Breitbart at the 2011 Netroots Nation conference in Minneapolis, Minn., after the conservative media mogul popped up at the left-wing convention.