Pelosi Challenger Says He's Within 'Striking Distance' of Minority Leader

Pelosi sent House Democrats a "dear colleague" letter four days ago announcing her steering team and expressing "many thanks to so many in the Caucus who have shared their views."

"After receiving the overwhelming support of members, I am pleased to announce our roadmap for going forward," she said. "...As we continue to discuss how we communicate the values of liberty, justice and dignity for all Americans, many members have come forward eager to participate. I am energized by the enthusiasm of members and our outside allies who see the opportunities that lie ahead and the commitment we have to address the needs of America’s working families."

"That is why I am excited about the prospect of serving as Democratic leader, and hope our team and I can count on your support."

Ryan, though, predicted "a lot of people are going to be surprised tomorrow."

"We have a lot a support. We keep rolling out members of Congress who are supporting us. We rolled out two more last night -- Stephen Lynch from Massachusetts, Dan Lipinski from the Midwest. We have two more coming today that I think people will be excited about. And I've been making calls, you know, all week," he said.

"And people are excited for some change, and I'm excited to have the opportunity to lead the caucus if they so choose. I think we need a change. Again, we're at the smallest number we've had in our Democratic caucus since 1929," the Ohio Dem added. "And we've really got to ask ourselves when we walk out of the room tomorrow, what are we going to tell the American people? That what happened on Tuesday and what we've not been able to do since 2010 is OK? We're going to keep going down the same path? Or, will we have a new messenger, a new message, a new brand, and a new Democratic Party?"