Putin, Trump Discuss 'Active' Partnership Based on 'Non-Interference,' Says Kremlin

Trump is reportedly considering former UN Ambassador John Bolton for secretary of State. In a 2014 New York Daily News op-ed, Bolton ripped the Obama administration for ignoring Russian aggression against Ukraine.

"The West made a major mistake in 2008 when Europeans rejected Washington's proposal to put both Georgia and Ukraine on a clear path to NATO membership, settling instead for vague, aspirational statements. Four months later, Russian troops entered Georgia, and Russia increased its efforts to subvert Ukraine's struggling young democracy," Bolton wrote. "Today, we may be on the verge of seeing Russia's strategy pay off, and the West's exposed as hollow."

"America should assert unambiguously that it will urgently press for full NATO membership for a democratic Ukraine. This is precious little, but it is the only way to give hope to Ukrainians who want to prevent being pulled back into Moscow's orbit."