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Omaha Parents Fight 'Perverted, Pornographic' Sex Ed Classes

John Dockery is retired -- so he doesn’t have to worry about any backlash from a liberal boss. As a result, Dockery told PJM he is going where others who need a paycheck may fear to tread.

Dockery is fighting to stop the Omaha Board of Education from enacting what is being billed as a “research-based," comprehensive sex education curriculum.

Dockery and others in the group leading the charge against the proposed comprehensive sexual education classes — Nebraskans for Founders’ Values — argue the new sex ed curriculum is“perverted” and “pornographic.”

“What it is really all about is promoting recreational sex amongst kids and taking values totally out of the equation,” Dockery said.

As evidence, Dockery and others on his side of this debate that attracted hundreds of people to the usually sparsely attended Omaha school board meetings point to an Omaha Public Schools event in October 2015 that was billed as being about “teenage empowerment.”

A parent said it was more like a “sex concentration camp” during which goodie bags of condoms were handed out to the kids — by Planned Parenthood volunteers — and the teens were invited to participate in a relay race that featured condoms and sex toys.

The debate boiled over most recently during a Jan. 4 Omaha Board of Education meeting. Parents and students spent three hours asking the school officials to reject the proposed curriculum while board members pleaded for understanding.

One woman said the sex ed curriculum would “rape children of their innocence,” while another who admitted kids “are going to do things” wondered why it would be best to give a sex-crazed teenager a condom if it wouldn’t be wise to buy a bottle of liquor for an alcoholic.

The most controversial elements of the new sex ed curriculum, as might be expected, are gender identification, reproductive health, condoms, birth control pills, and gay sex.

Dockery said Nebraskans for Founders’ Values believes there is a need to have sex ed in public schools. But the group argues there should be a limit on what should be taught in classrooms.

“The schools could teach the issues that we all agree on,” Dockery said, “and parents could explain the controversial issues like contraception, abortion, gender identity, and homosexuality to their children.”

Following the Jan. 4 meeting, Omaha Public Schools board member Marque Snow told KETV-TV that concept wouldn’t work for every family.

"Not every parent is going to know what to talk about. It's up to the school district to make sure that if a parent doesn't feel safe enough to educate their kid about sex ed, they have an opportunity to opt their kid into this subject or opt their kid out," Snow said.

There is something of a conspiracy theory running through the opposition to the new sex ed classes. Dockery believes the comprehensive sex education program that seems poised for approval in Omaha Public Schools on Jan. 20 is ideologically driven and is actually a creation of Planned Parenthood.

Angie Remington, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, told PJM her organization had nothing to do with it.