Defense Secretary Ponders How to Change 'Unmanned' Job Titles to Gender-Neutral Wording

But the Defense secretary admitted that he didn't "off-hand have a good alternative" for job descriptions with words like "unmanned."

"We have all these programs that begin with 'U.' And I guess you can have a tech challenge for somebody who comes up with a word that begins with 'U,' which is -- which doesn't specify whether it's a man or woman, but makes sure -- but specifies that homo sapiens isn't driving the thing," Carter said to laughter.

"But somebody here smarter than I is going to be able to figure that out, and that would be -- that would be appropriate," he said of the review process to rename titles.

"But the larger meaning is really clear. We're very clear in the department that having access to and making use of all of the talent of this country is an imperative for our national security and we're dead serious about doing it."