DHS Secretary: Long Airport Screening Wait Times Not a ‘National Crisis’

“I brought a chart to show you every year Congress actually appropriated more money. The problem is this has been created into a huge government bureaucracy. They have within 10 miles of where I am standing 4,000 administrative TSA personnel making on average of $104,000,” he said. “We exceeded their [White House budget] requests.”

“Here’s one guy making $181,000 in charge of the problem and he ends up getting an $80,000 bonus – $90,000 because he started getting another $10,000 next month,” he said.

Mica was referring to Kelly Hoggan, assistant administrator for the office of security administrations, who oversees the screening process.

The congressman disagreed with Johnson and called the situation a national crisis.

“They don’t know how to recruit. They don’t know how to train. They certainly can’t maintain and they certainly can’t manage. This is a crazy idea but how about staffing to traffic instead of paying overtime?” he said.

Mica said some of his constituents recently missed flights because the TSA shift had changed and everyone left.

“That’s not the way to run an airport and that’s not the way to run passenger screenings,” he said.

Mica supports the airports that are considering privatizing the screening process under federal supervision.