Inhofe: Climate Change a ‘Hollywood Problem’

The Supreme Court has placed a stay on President Obama’s clean power plan. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy has been promoting the plan at several events, stressing that the agency has a strong legal argument for the plan’s implementation. Inhofe disagrees with McCarthy’s assessment.

“Here’s why the president can’t do it through regulation is, first of all, there are 27 states that have lawsuits against the EPA right now or against Obama in this case and the Supreme Court has come by and said until all these are settled we are putting a stay on it,” he said.

Inhofe had a message for states like Pennsylvania that are enforcing the clean power plan’s regulations on their own before the outcome of the lawsuits.

“I’m a great believer in states’ rights. If they want to do that. If they are wealthy enough in the state of Pennsylvania to throw away that amount of money, that’s fine,” he said. “This type of restriction like the clean power plan hurts everyone — hurts manufacturers and all that.”

Inhofe said the clean power plan is part of Obama’s “war on fossil fuels.”

“Climate changes and it’s always changed. I gave a speech on the floor that surprised a lot of people and said you ought to go back and look at it historically, look at it biblically, any way you look at it, climate has always changed,” he said. “We’ve gone into cold and then warmer periods.”

Inhofe said a global cooling period began in 1945 until about 1980, adding that people would not buy into the term “global warming” so it eventually morphed into “climate change.”

“They come up with these things, saying ‘the hottest year so far.’ It’s just not true,” he said.

Right before Earth Day, Inhofe stressed the importance of releasing the names of countries that have not followed through on commitments to lower emissions.

Inhofe remains open to investments of federal funds in renewable energy, but “we’re not there yet.”

“I don’t want to heavily subsidize some renewable thing if the technology is not there yet,” he said.

He criticized President Obama for spending $120 billion in taxpayer funds not “authorized” or “appropriated” for fighting climate change.

“We have a lot of problems to deal with, and not the Hollywood problems,” he added.