Kim Davis' Team Declares Victory on Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Mat Staver, the founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, said Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin gave Kim Davis and all the other county clerks in the state a “wonderful Christmas gift” by protecting their religious rights and freedom.

Bevin issued an executive order two weeks after taking office that removes the names of all county clerks from marriage licenses issued in Kentucky. Staver said that will enable Davis and all other county clerks to do their jobs — issue marriage licenses to everyone, including same-sex couples — without compromising their religious principles.

Davis vaulted from her little county clerk’s office in Rowan County, Ky., to an international stage when she defied a federal court order to sign a marriage license for a gay couple, following the Supreme Court ruling in June 2015 that legalized gay marriage.

The ACLU filed suit against Davis, representing four of the couples who were turned away in Rowan County.

Davis never knuckled under. Why would she? Davis steadfastly maintained she was acting “under God’s authority." That adherence to Biblical principle cost the 50-year-old woman five days in the county jail.

While she was released from her cell to a hero's welcome, Davis faced a future that seemed to include continued court action -- and legal bills -- thanks to the ACLU and other proponents of LGBT rights.

However, Staver, whose Liberty Counsel team represented Davis in court, said her legal odyssey is finally over.

“Kim can celebrate Christmas with her family knowing she does not have to choose between her public office and her deeply-held religious convictions,” Staver said. “What former Gov. Beshear could have done but refused to do, Gov. Bevin did with this executive order.”

But maybe her journey is not over?