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The Late Great (Again) Planet Earth

George Monbiot, the man who gave his name to the term "moonbat," is back, like some hair-shirted lunatic screaming on a street corner, saying that we're all doomed:

It was a moment of the kind that changes lives. At a press conference held by climate activists  Extinction Rebellion last week, two of us journalists pressed the organisers on whether their aims were realistic. They have called, for example, for UK carbon emissions to be reduced to net zero by 2025. Wouldn’t it be better, we asked, to pursue some  intermediate aims?

A young woman called Lizia Woolf stepped forward. She hadn’t spoken before, but the passion, grief and fury of her response was utterly compelling. “What is it that you are asking me as a 20-year-old to face and to accept about my future and my life? … This is an emergency. We are facing extinction. When you ask questions like that, what is it you want me to feel?” We had no answer.

Softer aims might be politically realistic, but they are physically unrealistic. Only shifts commensurate with the scale of our existential crises have any prospect of averting them. Hopeless realism, tinkering at the edges of the problem, got us into this mess. It will not get us out.

Now that there is some prime moonbattery, even by Monbiot's soaring standards. What a 20-year-old female knows about anything is moot, but her notion that she is "facing extinction" is beyond delusional; in fact, it's the product of having her head stuffed with the most self-evidently arrant nonsense of the modern era: "climate change."

Since at least 1970, when the not-yet-late great Hal Lindsey told us we were all going to die in The Late Great Planet Earth, snake-oil salesmen and Chicken Littles around the world have joined forces to convince the rubes and the suckers that the Earth is, so to speak, on her last legs unless we do something right now. Lindsey's book employed Bible "prophecy" to limn our destruction at the hands of the Antichrist and the return of Jesus sometime in the 1980s.

Well, you can't go wrong betting against religious crackpots, and while the climate-change freaks are ostensibly secular, their approach to their unalterable dogma has all the hallmarks of a particularly nutty faith. Never mind that the data to which they so fearfully cling is either bogus or misinterpreted; combine that with the natural human tendency to think that the world as we know it began, and will end, with us -- that everything is, to use one of their favorite words, "unprecedented" (if you pay no attention to history) -- and you have a rich field for superstition wedded to calls for (what else?) immediate governmental action.