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The High-Water Mark of the 'Resistance'—for Now

The other day I observed on Twitter that, with the last-ditch smears hurled against Brett Kavanaugh, and the final FBI report (which effectively moved the judge's nomination to the Supreme Court to the full Senate), the rebel Democrats of the "resistance" had just attempted their version of the rebel Democrats of the Confederacy's final charge against the Union lines at Gettysburg -- the high-water mark of the rebellion and, together with Grant's stupendous victory at Vicksburg, the beginning of the end of the War Between the States.

And, like Lee, failed. The judge has been confirmed and sworn in, and is now Justice Kavanaugh. Long may he sit on the bench as we attempt to correct the course of the ship of state and return it to constitutional principles that have been under attack by the Democrat Party since Aaron Burr murdered Alexander Hamilton.

Still, in trying to take down Kavanaugh, they hurled and spewed every bit of mud, blood, and slime they had (click on the link if you'd like to see a representative example of the deracinated Left at its most frustrated, hateful, and vicious), unleashing covens of banshees to screech and scream in the halls of Congress while their elected representatives brought continuing disgrace onto a political party that is beyond shame and has been for nearly two centuries.

When the judge reacted the way any normal man with a spine would, and punched back against his tormentors, Democrats and the media allies complained about his "temperament," as if the foremost qualification for public office is how much abuse Kavanaugh could endure -- or, to use the mot de jour much beloved by the Left, "survive." Now they are complaining that the Court, with Kavanaugh's ascension to its ranks, has lost "legitimacy," and will continue to smear him with baseless charges, operating along well-orchestrated principles of Leftist argumentation:

  1. Post a counter-factual (Kavanaugh is a rapist)
  2. Argue it as if it were prima facie true
  3. Win by any means necessary

As I first wrote in my book Rules for Radical Conservatives (2010, under my Leftist alter ego's name of "David Kahane") and summarized here, we are and have been for many years in the middle of a Cold Civil War:

Despite all the evidence of the past several decades, you still have not grasped one simple fact: that, just about a century after the last one ended, we engaged in a great civil war, one that will determine the kind of country we and our descendants shall henceforth live in for at least the next hundred years — and, one hopes, a thousand. Since there hasn’t been any shooting, so far, some call the struggle we are now involved in the “culture wars,” but I have another, better name for it: the Cold Civil War

In many ways, this new civil war is really an inter-generational struggle, the War of the Baby Boomers. America’s largest generation, the famous “pig in the python,” has affected everything it’s touched, from the schools of the 1950s (not enough of them) through the colleges of the 1960s (changed, changed utterly), through the political movements of the 1970s and ’80s (revolution and counter-revolution), and into the present, where the war is still being waged.