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Gimme Shelter (2)

Pursuant to yesterday's post, this piece by the estimable Heather Mac Donald in City Journal furthers my argument that while the verdict in the murder trial of the illegal Mexican alien who killed her may have been legally and technically correct, it's vital not to lose sight of the larger issues at play:

Advocates for illegal immigrants are unrepentant after yesterday’s shocking acquittal on all homicide charges of an illegal-alien confessed killer. The advocates are defending the sanctuary policies that had set in motion the 2015 killing in San Francisco; they have also doubled down on their opposition to any deportation of illegal aliens, criminal or otherwise. If ever there were a clarifying moment regarding what is at stake in the battle for the immigration rule of law, this is it.

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was a poster boy not just for the folly of sanctuary policies but also for the mass low-skilled Hispanic immigration that has transformed California. A barely literate drug dealer from Mexico with a second-grade education, no English, and a penchant for criminal aliases, Garcia Zarate had been deported five times by federal immigration authorities following convictions for various crimes.

Despite his record, Garcia Zarate was the sort of immigrant that the San Francisco authorities apparently believed that this country needs....

"Needs" is the operative word here. Immigration used to be -- and should be -- based upon the needs of the host country, not on the wants and desires of "immigrants" who freely choose to leave their dysfunctional countries in order to take advantage of America's debilitated sovereignty and generous social freebies. But the Left has chosen to make the fringe benefits of American citizenship -- but not the responsibilities -- freely (literally) available to the Third World as a matter of "human rights."

As I noted yesterday, they've accomplished this by garbing their political aims in the robes of Christian doctrine, specifically regarding charity. The image they choose -- especially this month -- is that of the Holy Family taking refuge in a manger because there is no roo at the inn. But the "immigrants" who will fully choose to break our laws to enter our country are more likely to be Jose Ines Garcia Zarate than Jesus Maria y Jose.