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Who's Next?

Men, marching... marching Men, marching... marching

Alas, it couldn't last, and in 1941 it all went smash when Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa, to his eternal regret. Because it was this guy -- another Mustache -- who came out on top:

Hitler loved kids, too, but not as much as Uncle Joe Uncle Adolph loved kids, too, but not as much as Uncle Joe

The evil that he did lived on after him as well. In fact, thanks to the Frankfurt School and their seditious notion of "Critical Theory," -- basically, attack everything -- it hopped across the Atlantic and landed in the Americas:

Power to das Volk! Vsia vlast' Sovetam!

It also took root in South America, where this chic racist anti-Semitic homophobe got himself shot to death, which actually turned out to be a good career move:

Hey, death worked for Elvis Hey, it worked for Elvis 

After the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union collapsed less than two years later, it looked for a while that the world had had enough of socialist iconography. Surely, after a century of death, destruction and abject failure in every realm except the body count, nobody could take this sort of juvenile posturing seriously ever again.  Surely they understood that politicians were simply very ambitious and completely untrustworthy people.  Right?