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A Criminal Organization Masquerading As... Oh, You Know the Rest

Eric-Holder-Columbia-1973-yearbook Columbia, of course

The former student radical got up in Rep. Louis Gohmert's grille the other day after Gohmert mentioned the the AG's own contempt citation:

“I realize that contempt is not a big deal to our Attorney General,” Gohmert prodded, “but it is important that we have proper oversight.”

“You don’t want to go there, buddy!” Holder snarled in response. ”You don’t want to go there, OK? You should not assume that uh that is not a big deal to me. I think it was inappropriate, I think it was unjust, but never think that it was not a big deal to me. Don’t ever think that.”

This is the kind of belligerent defensiveness that has typified Holder's appearances before the Congress. The man behind the shameful Marc Rich pardon that marred the end of the Clinton administration (please click on the link to Slate, to get an idea of Holder's breathtaking corruption) should never have been nominated for the crucial post of AG -- that, nearly alone, told you everything you needed to know about the character of the new Obama administration -- nor should he have been confirmed by the Senate.

Rich was an active fugitive, a man who had used his money to evade the law, and presidents do not generally pardon people like that. What’s more, the Justice Department opposed the pardon—or would’ve, if it had known about it. But Holder and Quinn did an end-around, bringing the pardon to Clinton directly and avoiding any chance that Justice colleagues might give negative input. As the House Government Reform Committee report later put it, “Holder failed to inform the prosecutors under him that the Rich pardon was under consideration, despite the fact that he was aware of the pardon effort for almost two months before it was granted.”

Now, with Obama safely re-elected and well into his second term, the masks have slipped across the board, to reveal the true snarling heart of an administration whose sole purpose domestically is to hand out payback for all of Barack Hussein Obama's grievances, whether real or imagined:

They've slipped because, in what now amounts to an openly gangster government (in Michael Barone's famous phase), there will no penalties for anything, ever -- not with the Democrats in firm control of most of the government and the mainstream media. As John Hayward notes in Human Events:

Congress has inconvenienced Holder a few times by obliging him to plod into a hearing chamber and testify that he doesn’t read his own mail and has no idea what the Justice Department is up to, but other than that, they haven’t affected his behavior in the slightest. Everyone knows there was no endgame beyond that contempt citation; the rest of Obama Justice is not going to prosecute Holder for anything, any more than Holder is going to prosecute anyone over the IRS scandal. We’re about to go through another ultimately meaningless contempt-of-Congress drama against IRS scandal superstar Lois Lerner – there’s a very good chance the vote will pass, and I assume she’ll get some sort of nastygram in the mail formally citing her for skulduggery, but that will be the end of it.

The people behind this political abuse of the IRS – one of the worst crimes ever perpetrated against the American people – always knew that would be the end of it.

Because thugs take care of their own. It's what they do. It's who they are.

You can find more evidences of Democrat corruption here and here, with ethics charges being bruited against former Black Panther and current congressman from the Chicago area, Bobby Rush; and the suspicious Medicare enrichment of a couple of doctors who just happen to be major Democratic Party donors and bundlers. The latter story is reported by, of all things, the New York Times:

Topping the list is Dr. Salomon E. Melgen, 59, an ophthalmologist from North Palm Beach, Fla., who received $21 million in Medicare reimbursements in 2012 alone. The doctor billed a bulk of his reimbursements for Lucentis, a medication used to treat macular degeneration made by a company that pays generous rebates to its doctors.

Dr. Melgen’s firm donated more than $700,000 to Majority PAC, a super PAC run by former aides to the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada. The super PAC then spent $600,000 to help re-elect Senator Robert Menendez, Democrat of New Jersey, who is a close friend of Dr. Melgen’s. Last year, Mr. Menendez himself became a target of investigation after the senator intervened on behalf of Dr. Melgen with federal officials and took flights on his private jet.

Another physician, Dr. Asad Qamar, an interventional cardiologist in Ocala, Fla., has sent at least $250,000 in donations over the last decade to the political campaigns of President Obama and other prominent Democrats; he has become the target of scrutiny related to cardiovascular treatment centers he runs in Central Florida.

Dr. Qamar was paid more than $18 million in 2012, making him and Dr. Melgen by far the largest payment recipients nationwide, according to the data.

And so at last we come to the end (for today, at least) of the sorry spectacle. And what better place to conclude than with...