Twelve Years Later...

... we have a president with an Islamic background whose middle name is "Hussein," and  whose affinity for Islam is unmistakable.

... we've witnessed state constitutional amendments to ban sharia "law" in the American judicial system being overturned by federal judges.

... we have a national security state that spies on us, reads our emails, taps our telephone calls, invades our computers, and data-mines our activities for "suspicious" behavior, in the name of "protecting" us.

... we no longer have a functioning Fourth Amendment.

... with great effort, we have beaten back attacks on the Second Amendment at the federal level, but still some of the blue states persist in trying to infringe upon an incorporated right. Colorado just got an object lesson in what happens when legislators overstep their authority.

... we have something called the Transportation Security Administration that treats every single traveling American citizen as a potential terrorist -- although there is apparently some amelioration coming this fall.

... we have increasingly militarized local police forces, who now routinely deploy weapons of war against the citizenry, and whose existence was forecast by President Obama himself: