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'Gun Fanatics' Strike Again, Frighten Abortion Fanatics

Even by the standards of leftist argument, this is remarkably stupid, except that in the world of magical thinking they inhabit, inanimate objects either have minds of their own, or they can exercise strange mind-control over helpless liberals and make them do crazy things. Like this guy:

naked-gun2 Must... kill... the... Queen!

But let's take Bouie's argument one step farther -- and apply it to the left's fervently held belief about the sacrament of abortion. Which is to say that slightest infringement of the abortion "rights" invented by the Supreme Court during one of its periodic brain farts is the slippery slope leading to no abortion at all:

While non–gun advocates may strain to see the link between prohibiting the destruction of guns and defending the Second Amendment, it makes sense when you consider the attitude of the NRA and its supporters: any encroachment on gun rights—defined as the right to own any firearm, at any time—is a threat to all gun rights.

So what's the difference? Well, one might be that the Second Amendment is actually part of the Constitution -- and "shall not be infringed" seems fairly clear enough -- and Roe v. Wade is a 1973 decision that -- like Dred Scott and Plessy v. Ferguson -- eventually will be overturned, most likely on Tenth Amendment grounds. Despite the fear-mongering from the absolutist Left, this would mean that abortion would still be legal nationwide, but would return the contentious and destructive issue to the states for individual legislative solutions.

The larger question for me, though, remains: what's it to the "non-gun advocates" -- who by self-definition don't know and don't want to know a thing about firearms, except that they frighten them -- what happens to confiscated firearms in North Carolina or anywhere else? I thought the Left was in favor of recycling. But, then, a skittish busybody's work is never done, is it?

By the way, here's the super-scary picture from the Beast story that vividly illustrates the threat from confiscated but still-functioning firearms. Might be some bargains here, once you tame their murderous impulses:

guns From the Carolinas, with love

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