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Obama, the Media, and Dog World

At this point, the entire MSM functions as an in-kind contribution to the Democrats -- "free media"! -- and it would be nice to see a single GOP "leader" make an issue of this -- take them to court if need be. Now that the president has mainstreamed the use of the IRS to wage war on his political opponents -- and assuming that some day a Republican manages to struggle into the White House -- the new tools of executive fiat will come in mighty handy when confronting the Left down the line. Which of course is one reason they're fighting so hard to retake Congress in 2014 (Obamacare? What Obamacare? Oh, you mean the free goodies!) and already grooming Hillary Clinton for the presidency in '16.

And of course the media cheers right along, busily prepping not one but two shows about Hillary and trying to explain to the public that, no, NBC's entertainment division has absolutely nothing to do with NBC's news division: it's the Context of No Context! It's Dog World! The news-division watchdogs of the mighty nets are completely free of bias and/or influence from their corporate masters, and will fight mightily for the American People's Right To Know, to expose...

Arf, arf Arf, arf

Master, is that you?