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'What Is It You Want Us to Do?'

When I heard Obama nattering on about "fundamental transformation," I knew exactly what he meant, as could any of my cohort from that era. Just in case you've forgotten, here's Barry back in 2008:

And now here we are, just five years later, snooped on, spied on, singled out for special attention by the IRS, with every evil imputed to us and nowhere to turn for succor but to ourselves. Sure, it's easy to make fun of Obama -- our "spokesmodel" president, as I called him today over at NRO -- but the fact is that he's already gone a long way to accomplishing the goals his handlers have set for him. And, now that he's free from electoral scrutiny, you can bet he'll go a lot farther in the time remaining in the second term. More words of wisdom from Kahane:

I want you to understand that when we say it’s for your own good, we mean that it’s for our own good.

I want you to understand that when we use a term like “social justice” what we really mean is that payback’s a bitch.

I want you to understand that when we start babbling on about advocacy and activism – only we men of the Left could invent out of whole cloth the twin non-professions of “activist” and “advocate” and have them taken seriously in the pages of the New York Times – what we really are talking about are what used to be known as “agitators.”

I want you to understand that whenever we accuse you of something nefarious -- and our usual litany includes such well-worn staples as racism, sexism, ageism, heightism, weightism, carnivoreism, antidisestablishmentarianism, homophobia, tridecaphobia, hydrophobia, and glossolalia -- or of adopting a particularly mean, dirty and low-down tactic, it simply means that those are the very things we are thinking of at that exact instant, and would actually indulge in ourselves if we thought you weren’t looking.

I want you to understand that when we say “hate speech” we pretty much mean every word that comes out of your mouths.

I want you to understand that when we speak of such as things fierce moral urgency, our “morality” is based on absolutely nothing more than whatever suits our purposes, and bears only an accidental resemblance to anything found in such traditional sources of morality as churches and synagogues.

I want you to understand the truth of Frost’s observation that a liberal is a man too broad-minded to take his own side in an argument.

I want you to understand the truth of Chesterton’s observation that tolerance is the only virtue left to the man who no longer believes in anything.

I want you to understand that, though we may profess to celebrate life, in fact we are little more than a suicide cult, intent on doing in our rage as much damage as possible before finally shuffling off into the darkness that we are sure awaits us.

I want you to understand that we will not be happy until you agree with us.

I want you to understand that you have met the enemy, and he is us.

Here endeth the lesson, for now.  Much more to come.