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Dr. Mengele, I Presume

How, in the name of a putative and anodyne "right to choose," did we move from a country that prized the sanctity of life to a degenerate, bloodthirsty society that literally strangles its own children? A more profound act of self-loathing disguised as "reproductive justice"  can hardly be imagined; it's Satanic, really.

There's something in journalism that's come to be known as "Godwin's Law," which posits: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches." Obviously, I've violated it, and deliberately so, because the point of comparison is identical: an affectless unwillingness to treat every human being as fully human, and instead to sacrifice them for a higher cause. When morality is untethered from religion, and tied instead to culture/Kultur, savagery results.

And yet for many on the left, abortion remains the greatest of the secular sacraments, murder as a positive good. I've met many young women in our business who tell me that they don't mind my conservative politics, that much, but the one thing that they absolutely cannot compromise on, or even discuss, is Roe v. Wade. How the maternal instinct was extirpated in a generation or two of women is something for behavioral scientists and theologians to debate; the modern left's transformation into a suicide cult will give historians and artists grist for decades to come.

We don't know where it began, although Roe is certainly a good place to start. But we do know where it ends, by whichever name we choose to call the place:

Endstation Auschwitz