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You Say You Want a Revolution

That's why the abortive coup against the pathetic speaker of the House, John Boehner, was at least a little bit encouraging. The only reason the Republicans kept control of the House in the last election was that "the people's body" is now so gerrymandered in the GOP's favor that even Boehner and his crew couldn't completely botch the job, although they did manage to lose seats in an election that shouldn't even have been close. But that would have presupposed a viable candidate, a resonant message, and a media operation not run by Eric Fehrnstrom.

I hate to break the news to you, but it's probably already too late for the GOP adequately to prepare for the 2016 campaign. A mobile media pushback team needs to be in place now, to even begin to neutralize the Democrat-Media Complex, that revolving door of Harvard grads who rotate between the MSM and the leftosphere, and whatever Democratic administration is currently in power. Those seething donors, played for fools yet again by Karl Rove and the krack kadres of GOP kampaign konsultants, need to channel their anger and their cash elsewhere.

Otherwise, go ahead: nominate Jeb Bush, let him campaign vigorously in Ohio and Florida, and see how well that turns out.