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Two Views of Gun Control...

Fantasy plays a powerful role in the lives of these arrested-development teens, in whom adolescent angst and a complete ignorance of real-world consequences collide with a lack of proper parenting and, often, psychotropic drugs that inhibit normal male development -- to lethal affect. The uptick in school shootings is probably less attributable to the "easy availability" of guns -- Connecticut has gun laws that are among the toughest in the nation --  than to the relentless campaign to turn young men into young women, and the inevitable, Paglia-predicted blowback whenever society's urge to countermand reality runs smack into Mother Nature.

Which, when you stop to think about it, is the Left's great Achilles heel: their words can never match their deeds, because the gulf between what they would like to believe and what they actually do is too great. Here in L.A., those most vociferously against firearms tend to be the same folks with the "Armed Response" signs in front of their houses. Those who praise public charity as a "moral" duty indulge in very little private charity themselves. And those who habitually denounce "racism" live in what is probably the most racially segregated big city in the country; the average upper-middle-class white Angeleno can go weeks or even months without ever seeing or interacting with a black person, unless it's in the workplace.

Normally, one could posit that either the actors in the video above believe in the truth of their roles, or in the truth of their public-service announcement scripts. But Hollywood is not normal, and so there's a very real third possibility: that they believe in both.