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The Real Housewives of Benghazi

In the Petraeus case, leaving aside for the moment the effects these liaisons dangereuses will have on the four families (or more) involved, let's look at the fallout: potential major security breaches at the highest levels of the Intelligence Community, the compromising of the Afghanistan war effort -- an effort doomed to failure in any case by Obama's insistence of giving the Taliban a firm exit date -- the ending of prominent careers, the mystery of the FBI investigation and what really triggered it, and the laugh-in-your-face attitude of the Obama administration, which has been holding Petraeus' infidelity over his head since his appointment at CIA and dropped it on him the same week the election was over. And now the president can drop one shoe after another, cleaning house of useful idiots like Petraeus and Hillary Clinton and installing his ideological apparatchiks in high places in the face of toothless opposition from a defeated and dispirited establishment GOP.

The silver lining, of course, is that l'affair Petraeus might lead the MSM to finally notice a scandal that, by rights, could bring down Obama, the same way that Watergate (summer of 1972) eventually ended the presidency of Richard Milhous Nixon in 1974. There are so many outrageous elements to this story -- the deliberate abandonment of an American ambassador on a murky mission in a dark and savage land, the order to stand down to the military, the Agency's callous attitude toward its own people, the loss of top-secret intelligence, and the revelation that the Benghazi "compound" was in fact a very politically inconvenient CIA station and possible prison -- that it's easy to lose track of them all (which is something you can bet the Obamanauts are counting on, in the same way the public was eventually confused and exhausted by all the Clinton scandals).

But then sex reared its seductive head, some members of Congress finally woke up from their long, media-induced slumber and now, with hearings in both houses of Congress looming, we finally might begin to get some answers. If a few marriages and careers are the price we have to pay to see that ambassador Stevens and his murdered colleagues finally get some semblance of justice, so be it.

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