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Shameless, Lawless, and Clueless

In an all-volunteer army, American servicemen fully understand the risks they take when they sign up -- among which are that bad guys might take a shot at you, just for the hell of it. For the top general to adopt a whingeing, defensive crouch when he should be visiting the wrath of God upon the nation's enemies -- who have committed an act of war by attacking our diplomatic installations -- is shameless.

Similarly, the Hatch Act forbids partisan politicking on the part of federal employees; among the Thou Shalt Nots:

  • Engage in political activity while on duty
  • Engage in political activity while wearing an official Government uniform or identifying National Archives insignia
  • Engage in political activity while using a Government vehicle
  • Engage in political activity in any Government office
  • Engage in political activity while using Government property, including computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, and telephones

But so what, when there's an election to be won? Just go ahead and be lawless.

As for Secretary Clinton and her Foggy Bottom colleagues, their stunning insouciance in tossing the First Amendment under the bus rather than recognizing the failure of their world-view, and the implacable animus of our enemies across the Islamic world, what is there to say? It's Carter Redux, yes, but it's even worse, since President Obama and Mrs. Clinton (both Alinsky disciples) have the Carter example in front of them. You think they'd both know better.  But no, they're confounded.

Will the Romney camp point any of this out? Or are they simply clueless?