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Romney-Petraeus in 2012?

And then there's this year's Sarah Palin-style choice: General David Petraeus. The distinguished field commander and current CIA director would seem to be an unassailable choice -- until you think back to the "General Betray Us" ad by MoveOn.org:

Sure, Petraeus has said he's not interested in elective office, but then Eisenhower suppressed his political inclinations right up to the moment he declared himself a Republican and entered the 1952 race in order to stop the isolationist Sen. Robert Taft of Ohio. Further, as the Man Who Keeps the Secrets, Petraeus can have no illusions about the state of the world, America's dangerous position in it -- or his moral responsibility to do something about it if he can.

And, let's face it: he's only CIA director because, politically, Obama needed him off the Middle Eastern battlefields (where his name was in the news every day) and stashed away safely in Langley, where his profile would be kept low -- and where the president could keep an eye on him. Petraeus -- whose intellectual achievements would expose Obama's educational background for the crude credentialism that it really is -- would be the game-changer the GOP needs; even Axelrod, the Jake Lingle of his day, would hesitate to level one of his customary baseless smears against such a great American patriot.

A Romney-Petraeus ticket would be an all-American flag-waving winner, with a member of a persecuted minority group at its top, balanced with a war hero at the other end. The Democrats would seethe and flail, but they wouldn't be able to match the combination of economic and militarily/foreign policy expertise that the Republicans would offer. It's the perfect unity ticket... which is why, in this era of Roveian inside-baseball electoral machinations, it will never happen.

Hey, how are those precincts just north of Cincinnati trending?