Sir Ben Kingsley Predicts Another Holocaust
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President Dinkins and the Real Election of 2012

Which is why the real fight lies elsewhere. For conservatives are engaged in a two-front war, one against the Democrats and the other against the sad, wan, spineless things known as mainstream Republicans. Alas, some of these creatures hold actual positions of authority in both the party and the government, in effect acting as facilitators for the other side. Such as this guy:

By now it's clear that the "Republican leadership" in Congress -- which keeps reminding us that they're only one half of one third of the zzzzzzzzzz.... sorry -- it's clear that Boehner & Co. are going to offer no meaningful opposition to Obama's increasingly lawless rule by executive fiat when Congress fails to move quickly enough for the Emperor Hussein's taste or, mirabile dictu, actually frustrates one of his objectives. Win or lose in November, the GOP "leadership"  needs a thorough house-cleaning. In the Senate, that means the McCain/Graham "moderates" need to be stripped of power and influence before finally losing their seats, while in the House, an assault on the seniority system by the Young Turks is long overdue, to speed Weepy John's return to back-bencher status and install a speaker who understands the true nature of the opposition.

Because, as much as the GOP establishment doesn't want to admit it, the rules have changed. Obama is Alinsky's true disciple, a hand-me-down animus boiling inside him; behind the Bobby Bonilla smile, he is animated by rage, and if re-elected will turn its full force on the productive class in order to achieve the implicit goal of every Democratic president and party platform since FDR: to turn Americans into wards of the state, gratefully voting to sustain their misery in perpetuity.

The 2012 election will bring the Dems as close to this nomenklatura nirvana as they have ever been, and the only thing standing between them and the Permanent Underclass Ruling Majority is Willard Mitt Romney. If ever there was a man unsuited to the moment it seems to be Mitt. But maybe he'll yet surprise us. And even then, our real work will only just have begun.

As Bismarck observed, "God protects fools, drunks and the United States of America." Let's hope His patience is not yet exhausted.