Michael Totten

The Egyptian Wedge

The silly and slightly pernicious idea that American neoconservatives are unpatriotic lackeys for Israel is being proven false in real time as the Israeli and neoconservative elites are increasingly at odds with each other over the fall of Mubarak in Egypt, as James Kirchick explains in The New Republic. This will not, of course, have any effect on those who hyperventilate about the Zionist Entity, nor will it have any effect on those who still have not figured out that neoconservatism is and always has been about democracy and human rights promotion abroad.

I don’t know what to make of Egypt myself and will wait and see what happens before I form an opinion. My heart is with the neocons and the liberals who rejoice in seeing Mubarak finally ousted, but the Israelis aren’t crazy for worrying about what might happen next. Mubarak was a terrible ally who deserved to be overthrown, but at least he wasn’t an enemy.