Did Putin Really Want Trump to Win?

(AP Photo/Matt Dunham, Pool)

I have long believed that Putin had a distinct preference for Hillary in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. Hereโ€™s what I wrote a year ago:

Putinโ€™s  got a lot going with Hillary. His pals donated more than a hundred million dollars to the Clinton Family Foundation while she was secretary of state, and they gained ownership of twenty percent of Americaโ€™s uranium supply.  If Putin were really trying to elect Trump, heโ€™d be leaking the details of that relationship. But no, the big story broke more than a year ago in the New York Times, and isnโ€™t one of the major themes of the WikiLeaks archives.

Ergo, those who think WikiLeaks is part of a Russian deceptionโ€”and Iโ€™m quite prepared to believe thatโ€”have to explain why the most devastating information about Hillary comes from the Democratsโ€™ favorite daily newspaper.

Thatโ€™s why I said โ€œif I were Putin, Iโ€™d support Hillary.โ€ He owns a piece of her, after all, between the millions to the Clinton Foundation, the half million for Billโ€™s speech, and the effective control over our uranium. Whereas, so far as we know, he doesnโ€™t have anything going with Trump et. al.

Nonetheless, the Dems insist that thereโ€™s real collusion between Russia and the Trump crowd, starting with General Mike Flynn, the first national security adviser in this administration. Indeed, this collusion, despite a lack of any proof, was long taken to be an established fact. And why? Because it was repeated so often, and it was often said that some number of U.S. intelligence agenciesโ€”some claimed there were seventeen of them--supposedly confirmed Russian meddling in the election on behalf of Trump.

I cannot even begin to remember how many times I heard such claims, often from serious people. I still have not seen any evidence, and such evidence as I have seen, especially in recent days, points to Russian collusion with Hillary and the Dems. Which is what I expected all along. After all, anti-American rhetoric has long been a virtual monopoly of the left, and one of the many unanswered questions in the collusion matter is how the left could so suddenly pivot from โ€œletโ€™s make a deal with our old enemiesโ€ to โ€œdamn the Russians.โ€

It sure looks like a classic KGB operation, in which the Kremlin supports an anti-American movement to spread confusion in their enemiesโ€™ homeland.

The leading disinformation agent in this campaign is Rep. Adam Schiff from the Peopleโ€™s Republic of California, and his favorite target is Gen. Flynn. I was on public tv with him, the subject being the book I co-authored with Gen. Flynn. Schiff was full of faux shock at Flynnโ€™s โ€œsoftnessโ€ on Russia. It was obvious Schiff had not read the book, in which Flynn described Putin as โ€œan enemy.โ€