Who's Hillary's Hacker and Why?

Now there’s Guccifer 2.0, who says he’s the source of the WikiLeaks dump of DNC emails. He too uses a Russia-based server. He too claims to be Romanian, as is Guccifer One (although his Romanian isn’t all that good). Who is he? We don’t know.

We do know that the two Guccifers have produced a lot of accurate information, first about Hillary’s “very careless” handling of secrets, second about her private network, including the infamous Blumenthals (Sidney was judged so toxic that the Obama White House nixed her plans to make him a State Department official), and also about the activities of the Clinton Foundation.  We also know that at least some of the DNC material is accurate. If not, the leadership would not have been purged.

I think we’re still quite some distance from knowing if the DNC files have been manipulated, which is important. If this is a Russian “disinformation” op, I’d expect them to have inserted some lies into the material. But so far, the documents seem real and untouched.

Then there’s the question of  “evidence.” Some of those certain that this is a Russian operation point to fragments of “metadata” in the files that lead back to Russia. But as Legal Insurrection argues, surely the Russian intelligence hackers know how to conceal such evidence. So why is it there? Did the Russians screw it up, or did the real hacker want to point us at Moscow?

In other words, could it be a false flag operation?

I don’t know, nor do those so very confident this is all Putin’s doing. It’s a very complicated counterintelligence problem, and such problems are very hard to solve. I doubt that technical analysis of the Guccifer leaks will produce the answer, nor do I trust those who base their conclusions on the logic of the situation. Yes, Trump says friendly things about Putin sometimes, but he says many things that he gainsays later on. And remember that Secretary of State Clinton approved Russian control over a chunk of the American uranium industry and that there is plenty of  Russian money in the Clinton Foundation accounts.

So for me, it’s an open question. We may need a reliable Russian defector to answer it.

I expect foreign governments, criminals and just plain hackers to try to penetrate our cybernetworks. When they succeed, they can use the data in many ways that threaten our national security. Russia is certainly engaged in this activity, but it’s one of many, not the only one.

More to come, I’m sure.