What Is Hillary Hiding?

That she was in it, at least in part, for the money is effectively demonstrated by some of the emails we DO know about:  those to and from her white knight, Sidney Blumenthal.  He was working in cahoots with a couple of retired American spooks, a former Army officer, and a professional fund raiser—named in his emails—and they formed a company to do “good works” in Libya (schools, hospitals, etc.).  Blumenthal’s gang claimed excellent access to various governmental sources in Libya and elsewhere, and sent on their findings to Hillary.  She, in turn, asked top policy makers to pay attention to Blumenthal’s reports.  At the same time, Blumenthal was employed by the Clinton Foundation, and, as the New York Times wryly commented, it was often difficult to figure out where one of his jobs ended and another began.  Nor do the emails tell us if Hillary knew of Blumenthal’s Libyan business ventures (although one will get you five she knew all about them; that relationship goes back to the Clinton White House, and was so intimate that Obama’s staff vetoed Hillary’s suggestion that Blumenthal become a State Department official).

All this has been known to investigators in both the government and FBI for more than a year, yet there hasn’t been much discussion of the “business side” of Hillary’s tenure at State, not even a followup on the $165 billion in arms sales to countries that enriched the Foundation.  Perhaps we will hear more about it some day, and if that happens I hope very much that it throws some light on this very dark, but very plausible scenario:  that one of our presidential candidates was willing to make American foreign policy available to the highest bidders.

Or do you think Bill Clinton is worth $700 thousand for a speech?

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