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Those Hilarious Jokers in Tehran Obama Wants to Befriend

But Zarif insists on his running gag, insisting that somehow, inexplicably, his countrymen have been targeted by "State-sponsored extremist groups" and he urges the "international community" to do something.  Fast.

This from a minister of the country that routinely wins the blue ribbon in the competition for the title of "world's leading sponsor of terrorism."  HoHo.

Perhaps the funniest part of Zarif's letter is his claim that Iran is doing more than any other country to combat narcotics trafficking and transnational crime, in which Iran has long played a major role.  Iran now has the highest per capita rate of drug addiction in the world, works with narcotics traffickers from Latin America (most energetically via Venezuela), and handles a significant amount of heroin from Afghanistan, which yields plenty of hard currency for the regime's elite.  Just ask the U.S. Treasury Department, which branded the Revolutionary Guards general in charge of the "anti-narcotics" campaign as a Specially Designated Narcotics Trafficker for his involvement in drug smuggling and supporting terrorism.

It's right out of a Mel Brooks script, isn't it?  And the punch line comes from the UN, which unsurprisingly praises Iran's anti-narcotics program in language that would make Zarif blush.  Who issued the praise?  One Yuri Fedotov.  Who publicized the statement?  The Tehran Times.

Just thought you'd like to know.